ResourceQuota (v1)

ResourceQuota (v1)



ResourceQuota sets aggregate quota restrictions enforced per namespace



ResourceQuotaSpec defines the desired hard limits to enforce for Quota.

  • hard (object)
    hard is the set of desired hard limits for each named resource. More info:

  • scopeSelector (ScopeSelector)
    scopeSelector is also a collection of filters like scopes that must match each object tracked by a quota but expressed using ScopeSelectorOperator in combination with possible values. For a resource to match, both scopes AND scopeSelector (if specified in spec), must be matched.

    • scopeSelector.matchExpressions ([]ScopedResourceSelectorRequirement)
      A list of scope selector requirements by scope of the resources.

    • scopeSelector.matchExpressions.operator (string)
      Represents a scope's relationship to a set of values. Valid operators are In, NotIn, Exists, DoesNotExist.

    • scopeSelector.matchExpressions.scopeName (string)
      The name of the scope that the selector applies to.

    • scopeSelector.matchExpressions.values ([]string)
      An array of string values. If the operator is In or NotIn, the values array must be non-empty. If the operator is Exists or DoesNotExist, the values array must be empty. This array is replaced during a strategic merge patch.

  • scopes ([]string)
    A collection of filters that must match each object tracked by a quota. If not specified, the quota matches all objects.



ResourceQuotaStatus defines the enforced hard limits and observed use.



ResourceQuotaList is a list of ResourceQuota items.